Almost everyone who owns a computer has important files or secret documents (read porn) on their computer that they would like to hide. So what do people generally do? They just make the folder and the files hidden in Windows by using the folder options.


Now that is a very stupid thing to do because.

1- Those files are still searchable.

2- Anybody can select the unhide all folders option and see all your secret documents.

Now there’s another way to hide your files from prying eyes and that is by using a nifty software called Lockbox.

My LockBox

What Lockbox does is, it lets you password protect any folder on your computer.The protected folder is hidden from any user and application using your system, including the Administrator. Also, it is impossible to access the lockbox not only from the local computer, but also from the net.


LockBox supports the following features:

Very easy in use

  • Protection of almost any folder on the computer
  • Instant protection
  • The folder is inaccessible even to the system administrator
  • Lockbox folder is inaccessible both locally and remotely.
  • Lockbox folder can be protected in Windows safe mode
  • Windows XP x64 support
  • Hotkeys support - you can popup Control Panel with a simple keystroke.
  • Skinned user interface
  • Freeware
  • Extremely small size

Size: 1.3 mb

Download link:LockBox


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