FutureMe is certainly an interesting concept. It is a new site that allows you to write mails. What's new in that you say?

Well, the only thing that sets it apart other mail clients is that it allows you to send mails to yourself or your friend in the future. All you have to do is after writing the message, set a date that you would like the mail to be delivered, and that’s it. You are set.

You could probably use this service for a variety of purposes such as
1-Reminding yourself of some to-do tasks in the near future (say next week)
2-Set a birthday reminder
3-Send a mail to yourself 10 years in the future which would get your future self all nostalgic reading a mail so old that you hardly remember it.
4-Set some goals and to check whether you could really accomplish them.

5-Advice yourself on some future financial matters.
6-Predict some things and find out whether those things came true or not. Like Yahoo-Microsoft merger or the Hadron Collider destroying the earth (if that would ever happen, in all probability reading your mails would probably be the last thing you would be doing anyway)

Link: FutureMe


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