There are some amazing stuff you can do with blogs, here I will state the tools, sites and applications you can use to create, maintain and add to your blogs.

1:-Blog Traffic Increasing Sites

A:-Blog Explosion is a wonderful site which helps you to increase traffic to your blog, you will only have to see it to belive it!! Basically you can earn credits by visiting other members blogs (which is a fun thing to do!!) , playing games and stuff. The credits that you earn are used up when people come and visit your site, ultimately increasing the traffic to your site tremendously.

B:-BlogMad is the same as blog explosion and increases traffic to your blog tremendously. It follows the same principal of earing and using credits to increase traffic.

C:-Bloghub is an online directory and community where members from around the world gather and exchange ideas. If you run a blog site feel free to add your blog to thier blog directory.

2:-Blogging Sites-Here are a list of popular blogging sites. or
D:-Expression Engine


4:-Blog Forum offers free forum hosting with an automotic, easy sign up procedure where you can be up and running with your very own forums within minutes.

5:-BloggerDate:-Bloggers own dating hideout.

6:-BloggerAds:-Sell, Buy, Trade with other Bloggers!!

7:-BloggerVote:-Here you can upload your picture and have other bloggers view it and rate for it, its a great way of meeting new people too. Not only can you vote other bloggers pictures, you can also leave private messages and comments too!!

Check this for your sites link popularity

Want to know if you site is listed in the top search engines?

SiteUptime is a website monitoring service that watches your website 24/7/365 and notifies you if it becomes unavailable. They offer a free website monitoring service as well as an advanced service starting at $5 per month.

Submit your websites and blogs to leading search engines to increase traffic through these sites!!


2:-Scrub The Web

3:-Free Web Submission

4:-Submit Express

5:-Exact Seek

8:-I Need
Once you've selected the best category for your site click "Submit your site". Follow the instructions on the submission form carefully.

12:-Search The


Feed submission page: Yahoo Feed Sumbit

News submission page: Yahoo News Sumbit

16:-Open Directory

Directory of directories about weblogs

How to add a site to the Open Directory

The Guardian Weblog Guide is one of the best online resources providing hand-picked lists of outstanding online Weblogs. The Guardian DOES NOT ACCEPT automatically any submission and it only accepts weblog recommendations, without ever linking to RSS feeds.

More information on how to get in touch with The Guardian Newsblog can be found here.

Simply type your website/blog Internet address in the main search box and Technorati will start tracking you. Also it is possible to use the Technorati Ping-Site form (high priority indexing queue) which may help in this process.


Register at Bloglines and enter the MyBlogs area. There you can submit anyone RSS feed and have it automatically tracked by Bloglines.


Long-standing services that leverages blog links for discovery purposes. Think of it as a "buzz index" according to blogs, where the goal is to show you which links anywhere on the web are currently getting the most references from bloggers." (Search Engine Watch)

Add your weblog/RSS feed by simply providing a URL and your email.


The Website Popularity Index. Worth a submission.


Directory of existing RSS feeds. BlogStreet operates also Info Aggregator, an outstanding software-free service lets you subscribe to RSS feeds and have posts delivered via email.


A richer form to fill for this valuable online resource. But it is all in your interest.


A Directory Of Wonderful Things
Suggest a site but give them time to review it. Give them hints at what is exactly relevant and interesting to look at and why. What we're getting at here is that a submission along the lines of "My blog, Crazy Bob's Discount House of Internet, is full of Webby goodness. I did this really cool rant about ____ yesterday that I thought you'd like. Check it out at http:///www.crazybob'"


A new directory of RSS feeds.

Submit directly on the home page.


Aggregating The Power Of Blogs

28:-Globe of Blogs

Must provide content category and author information.


Simple and immediate.

Submit here:


Add a site directly. Need to specify a category among the ones available.

31:-TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem


Register free here to add your blog:


Directory of blogs with categories. Recently updated (February). Simple and well organized.

Blogarama requires you provide a description and a username/password to submit your site/blog.

34:-Contents Matter

Directory of blogs with categories.

Need to register and log in to submit.

35:-PubSub checks over 100,000 RSS feeds, matches messages to subscriptions and delivers messages to subscribers in real time. Very promising service.

Submit your RSS feed here:

36:-Blog Search Engine

Not a high profile resource. Requires submission of email and registration username/password.


General directory of weblogs subdivided geographically and by content categories.

38:-RDF Ticker

RDF-Ticker is a newsticker application which fetches news from RDF/RSS-feeds and displays them on a ticker-bar.


Submission is as simple as it can get.


World Wide Blog.


A new kid on the block. Requires age, keywords and description on top of the basics.


Helps people find weblogs that match their interests and find like-minded blogs.

Submit here:

Lots of great RSS feeds there. Upload your OPML and help the system out.

Right here:

The Definitive Directory of Journals, Diaries & Personal Weblogs. This registry is specifically for online diaries, journals, and personal weblogs. Please do not submit commercial sites, generic personal sites (i.e. poetry, pictures of your dog, etc.), or link-only (non-journal) weblogs.

45:-Library Weblogs
Information library oriented directory of weblogs categorized by countries.


Kmax is an index of quality popular blogs and also has resources to information on hosting, coding, marketing and anything related to blogging. These are purple and green-colored links in the index. Beware that some blog names may have been shortened or abbreviated due to limited space.

The black links are the top 25 blogs as well as a few hot blogs. Scroll past the top 25 list to get the date of when the list was last updated. All the blogs are listed on one page and you can skip around the long page by using the alphabet links to jump straight to the letter you want.

The site also has another section called Public Policy links page, but these aren't blogs. Rather, it's a list of policy resources.

Submit your blog by emailing:
mailto:email[at] (replace [at] with @) The site requests adding a link to Kmax Blog Links on your site before emailing as explained here:

Submit here:

47:-Blogory (Findory)

World personalized news service online. Blogory is a personalized weblog reader. Like Findory News, it learns from your interests and helps you find and discover interesting new weblogs and weblog articles. RSS newsfeeds can be submitted along with Blog Name, URL, XML Feed and Category (Tech General Politics Library Science Business Personal Education Law Religion Sports Arts Entertainment Health International) Blogory/Findory accepts only weblogs/RSS newsfeeds that are of general interest to a broad audience, in English language only, and maintains a strict editorial control on which blogs/newsfeeds are accepted.

You can submit your news feeds directly through Blogory here.

48:-The Weblog Review

Need to register, log in and link back to them in order to be included. Have had reports that it appears NOT to be a recommendbale service.


Online RSS newsfeed aggregator. Requires registration and login to submit.
Probably not worthwhile. Their news range from November 2001 to April 2002. Nothing after that. I also can't find any link to use the site (subscribe to feeds or anything else) and I can't find a link to add my site either, but on the other hand they are like number 32 the Weblog review: heavy on asking for donations.)


RSS Directory And Search

Direct submission at:

Check the number of links to your website or blog.

Everyting about search engine submission, tips, tricks and more

Search Engine Watch

Free Image and Video Hosting.

Photobucket provides FREE image and video hosting and linking for MySpace, eBay, blogs, and message boards. Photobucket is reliable, fast and very simple to use. Plus it gives 1 Gb storage space free!! Give it a try!


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