Windows Vista Bullshit Edition

I was using Windows Vista for over two months now. Yeah, I know even after all the criticisms about it, I just had to try it once. This is what happens when you are tech geek!

So, initially Vista worked great for me. It had many new features and security improvements too. But then, over time it got slow, too slow for my preferences. I thought installing Service Pack 1 would do something for me. It did, increase the size of my Vista installation to nearly double of what it was before! My Vista partition started to bloat mainly because of installing Service Pack 1 and because (of what I believe) hibernation. At its peak, it reached 19 GB! that too in just 2 months! In contrast, my XP installation never crossed 8 GB.


I have a five year old Pinnacle PCTV tuner card installed which refused to work with the appropriate drivers - which were not available for Vista. The latest drivers dated to 2004, which obviously, which were not for XP.

Pinnacle PCTV 


And then there was Vista's UAC, do I need to say anything else more about it? Well, yeah actually. I am all for security, but when security starts to being a hindrance in your daily life, I would prefer no security at all. If UAC asks me to confirm whether I want to install a specific driver or a software then that's fine with me. But when it asks me whether I want to go to the Control Panel, WTF is that?

The Dammed UAC


But I must admit, that UAC was at least a wee bit helpful. How do I know that? Well mainly because, if I had listened to my UAC the last time it tried to help me, my Vista would not have crashed. I wanted to install Alcohol 120% on my PC to get a boot image to work, and Vista UAC warned me that it was trying to install some drivers and other bullshit which I didn't pay attention to. It turned out - BIG MISTAKE. It crashed my PC so bad, that it became impossible to recover it after that. Yeah, no system restore, no backup, no rescue disk, no nothing. I couldn't even get into safe mode without Vista crashing in on me again.

Vista BSOD Crash


So, what did I do then?  Well, I think the image below answers it all.


Windows XP Service Pack 3


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