Gmail is way better and faster than Yahoo can ever be and it certainly has got better features (and themes) than Yahoo. But Yahoo has got some features that Gmail doesn't have, well at least so it seems.

Yahoo always had the feature of letting you check all your unread mails, but Gmail doesn't seem to have this function. Well, there is a turnaround for this. You can actually check all your unread mails with this simple hack.

Just enter the following code in to Gmail’s search box and hit enter.

label:inbox label:unread

And voila! All your unread mails in your inbox are shown.

If you need more advanced hacks check out this article at the Google System blog


RaSh said... @ 4:37 AM

Instead of typing that everytime, use Quick Links.
Enable it from Labs, and then add the above query in it.

It'll nicely sit next to your Labels Tab and is really useful! ;)

PS: Have a look at my post on 11 GMail Tips you'll love! :)

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