One thing I keep wondering is why people still keep buying all these insanely expensive, paid anti-virus softwares even when all these manufacturers keep offering their pro/paid products for free.

Kaspersky is one such anti-virus provider that keeps offering their products for free many times in a year. Now they are providing their latest flagship product, the Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 Free for six months. (By the end of which they’ll most likely be providing another such sweet deal.

Anyways here’s how you can get this one now.


2-Register on their site with your email address.

3-Receive the activation link in your mail and log-in.

4-Click on the right hand side link of the page that points to the promotional page.


5-Click on Get Your Free License Now button


6-Click on Confirm.


7-Read the Terms and Agreements and click on Agree


8-And get the Activation Code.


9-Read the instructions and click on Download Software.


10-Please save the activation code somewhere safe (like in your email account) so that you don’t loose it.

If you still have any problems with the above procedure, you can contact me further help.


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