Microsoft products have always been very expensive and out-of-reach for most people. Like for example, Vista Ultimate itself costs $319 (originally $399). Now, only the super-rich can buy such an extremely expensive operating system, and that too one that sucks.

Office Ultimate 2007 is another product produced by Microsoft that is insanely expensive, which only a few can afford. It’s priced at $679 which will burn a hole in your pants (and your bank balance as well).

Below you can see a screenshot which shows the retail value of Office Ultimate 2007.


But if you are a student, then Microsoft has a sweet deal for you in place. You can get the latest and greatest Office for a Super-Duper-Trooper discounted price of only $59.95. Yeah, you’ve read it write. If you don’t believe me look at the screenshot below.

The Ultimate Steal

Microsoft must have figured that instead of the students not being able to afford their software and thus pirating it, that they might as well sell Office to them for what its worth for for only $59, a whooping total of 91% discount.

But there are certain Terms and Conditions that Microsoft has placed, in order for you to get this discount. It is as follows:


So, if you are a student and fulfill their T&C you could purchase Microsoft Office 2007 at this link.


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