Looks like Sony couldn't maintain the great momentum they achieved with the success of PS1 and the PS2. It seems that their decision of including a Blu Ray is going to cost them heavily this time as it has evidently made their console costly which is the reason why its not selling as good as the Nintendo Wii and the XBox 360. Plus it has lost most of its exclusive titles to XBox 360 which is making even PlayStation fanboys to give a second thought before buying a PS3.

The console sales chart below gives us some idea about the total sales.


nintendo-wii-console As you can see Wii is leading the pack with the most number of console sales amounting to almost 30 million sales


Xbox 360 behind it with 20 million sales


And PS3 with only 15 million sales, which is almost half of Wii’s sales.

But I think there is still time left for PS3 to fight it out as Blu Ray’s win in the format war might give a real good boost to PS3 over the coming months. 

What do you think, who might win the console war of this generation?



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