Gmail has just released a new version of Gmail for mobile 2.0 for J2ME-supported and BlackBerry phones.

Gmail for mobile 2.0 has the following features:

Support for Online Browsing: It provides basic offline support for phones like the Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson W910i, and BlackBerry Curve.This will be useful when you are unable to get online due to some network problems.

Support for Multiple Accounts: Logging into multiple accounts at the same time is a breeze if you have multiple accounts. (I myself use two Gmail accounts currently)

Support for Mobile Drafts: They have added support for multiple mobile drafts, undo and sending mail in the background.

Support for Shortcuts: Mobiles with QWERTY functionality can use the shortcut keys available making it even easier to use Gmail on your phone.

It is designed to be more reliable in low signal areas.

To download Gmail for mobile 2.0 go to the following link:


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