The Official Gmail Blog has given three easy steps which you can follow through which you can read your mail without touching your mouse

Here's how to read your mail:

1. Log in to your account.
Log into your account, its even easier if your are using your own personal computer since you can use the "Remember me on this computer" option checked on the Gmail homepage.

2. Get rid of stuff you don't want.
To scan the mail that you receive, use k to move the cursor (little black triangle) upwards and use j to move dowards.

As you are scanning the mails, select all of the messages you haven't but don't need to read using x.

The next step is to archive them using y. Now you will have only those messages that you want to read.

3. Final step: Read only those mails that you need to read.

To open a mail that you want to read, press the enter key. To reply hit r. And to reply all a. Once you are ready with your response use tab + enter to send the mail. Get back to your inbox with g+ i.

To star a mail use s (what else) and to forward use f.

Simple isnt it? Learn these shortcuts and in no time you will be going through all your mails faster than ever before.


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