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Your computer just crashed due to a virus and you had to install your OS again. But the worst is not over yet, you still have to install all the softwares. So you probably start with Firefox. You find that all your extensions, themes and addons gone and you have to install them again. Unfortunately at this stage you have no other alternative.

But, if your computer is still in working condition (assuming you are reading this on your own PC) you can take precautionary measures and backup all your extensions, themes and addons by taking a backup copy. You ask how?

Mozbackup is a new software that does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is install the software and create a backup profile of your Firefox. So the next time you have to install Firefox again all you have to do is restore your Firefox profile and you are set!

This software also works with Mozilla Thunderbird. Along with the profiles you can also backup the emails, which are compressed to a good extent on your hard disk.

MozBackup is compatible with:

Download link: Mozbackup.com


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