Want to download from Megaupload like a premium user? Want to bypass the limits and use a download accelerator?

Here is a site that lets you do just that. They have set up a premium account code on their site that lets you use their Premium Account for free!

Free Megaupload Premium

All you have to do is paste your link in the box provided, click Generate and you have a premium link which you paste in your download accelerator and start downloading.

Free Megaupload Premium Account Link Generator


Anonymous said... @ 5:27 AM

Just found the newest Megaupload premium acoount generator grab it here fast while works:) http://www.mediafire.com/?dl5gtvtbtzc

Anonymous said... @ 7:25 PM

Megaupload Premium Link


Anonymous said... @ 4:45 PM

there is no guarantee megaupload premium account link generator. The only way to get it is through money and buying it and the best way to get these money is by doing simple survey


just join and you can make twenty something dollar in less than 20 minute u can cash out through paypal.com when you got 75 bucks

cope said... @ 8:12 AM

Here is a easy way to get a megaupload premium account, you can get anything you want its easy all you have to do is join and do short surveys (takes like 30 seconds tops) and get money for it. try it out i have done this and got some cool stuff on ebay and a one year premium account!!! http://www.AWSurveys.com/HomeMain.cfm?RefID=cope201

Anonymous said... @ 9:30 PM

freemu.indo sucks

Its not worth it to install adware on your computer

Anonymous said... @ 2:10 PM

AWSurvey's is a scam that doesn't pay you the money for all the work you do.

Myself said... @ 7:25 PM

Does anyone know how to get a Megaupload or Rapidshare Premium Account?

Anonymous said... @ 10:06 AM

Buy it for god's sake! It's only a few dollars! And if you say you don't have paypal or credit card, go to a convenience store and buy a preloaded visa gift card!

Anonymous said... @ 11:45 PM

free rapidshare premium account



Anonymous said... @ 7:15 AM

Be the first to get a Rapidshare FREE PREMIUM ACCOUNT. Working 100% .....Just go to:

Pls don't change the pw.

Anonymous said... @ 9:28 AM

Create a paypal account at www.paypal.com and then join these websites to start making cash!

then u can just buy it! :)

Anonymous said... @ 10:05 PM

rapidshare premium passwords till november & megaupload premium accounts get it before anyone changes password.....

Anonymous said... @ 7:16 AM

free rapidshare premium account



Anonymous said... @ 2:33 AM

This site not only works with megaupload but with rapidshare too :D

they allowed you to download up to 10 files per day and up to 800 mb file size :P

good luck! :P


my advice go read their FAQ first

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