In many schools, colleges and private organizations there is some sort of control on the internet that doesnt allow to surf the net to its full potential. Many sites are blocked. One such application that blocks internet websites is Surf Control. Now to basically bypass this and view the blocked sites all you have to do is view the site from a proxy website. Anoter use of these proxy sites is, even if you dont have sites blocked in your office, schools or homes is privacy. Here your privacy is ensured.

Here are a list of sites through which you can view the blocked sites.

All you have do is go to the particular site and type in the address in the address bar that is provided in the site. Thats all!! Enjoy!!

Plus here is a link that has a list of 250 proxy sites.
Note:- Not all links are working and some are not reachable because they are blocked by Surf Control

5:-Check out those proxy sites.

6:-Plus another link that shows you the top 200 proxies at TopProxies

If Surf Control is used in your organization and you want to use GMail then here is a link to gmail that is not blocked.
(Its a long link)

If messengers are blocked either because of firewall or Surf Control or any other reason, try these online messengers.


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